Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Different Day, Same Unsupported Fear-Mongering

Dennis Henigan, acting Director of the Brady Campaign, has seen his organization go from standing behind presidents as they pass sweeping gun bans, to trying to keep college students disarmed and defenseless. The rhetoric they use is the exact same that was used to try and oppose CCW which has swept the nation over the past 20 years:

For example, a student's protest of a low grade could turn violent, a depressed student could commit suicide with his roommate's gun, and a gun could discharge when it is accidentally dropped at a fraternity keg party. These kinds of shootings are far more likely to occur than a violent student entering a classroom intent on mass murder.
Just like there would be 'Wild-west shootouts' over parking spaces and 'blood in the streets nationwide'. The best they have are a few dozen anecdotes spread over years while 6 million+ walk around daily.

They would rather you be a guaranteed victim, betting on the intentions of a violent criminal, than have a chance at defending yourself. Remember their old motto "Just give them what they want and they won't hurt you"

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Alan said...


If that's the standard then everything should be illegal.

George said...

+1 to Alan. How about we go with our experience of what DOES happen and what HAS happened with concealed carry versus what MIGHT happen?

Which is...nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

Sigivald said...

Amazing. All of those things could happen now, too, without legal concealed carry.

For that matter, wouldn't a murderous student upset about a grade enough to kill just ignore that it was illegal to carry the gun on campus?

(And isn't it still illegal to carry while intoxicated at the keg party, even with CCWs?)

The mind boggles, it seriously does. Are they fooling themselves, or just think they're fooling others?

(Actually, from what I've seen, they are fooling themselves, and really believe most of the things they say...)