Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why IL State Rep. May Opposes CCW

Illinois is the last state in the union to prohibit any form of carry whatsoever. State Rep May's reasoning to continue opposition?

80% of the people in her office oppose it.

A mentally ill woman 23 years ago killed a student in a school.

And apparently she believes that Illinois residents are more irresponsible than those of the other 49: "“We are a very different state,”

So the usual irrelevant excuses and outright PSH when it comes to anything firearm related. And that's why it's gone to the courts.

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Weer'd Beard said...


Can't argue with that logic. LITERALLY because they have their fingers in their ears and they're humming.

alcade said...

Oh well, the courts are just as likely to find for a more lenient ccw law than what was proposed, and this time without any of their input.

Anonymous said...

Illinois is different. It is run by corrupt, narrow-minded legislators and politicians worried about little more than furthering their own political agenda and that of socialist-type groups attempting to empower the elite by disarming ordinary citizens.

The truly sad part is that voters in this state keep electing these half-wits!