Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Are Gun Control Activists So Violent?

A desire to commit arson is not a sign of a healthy mind:
The only way to prevent this sort of thing from happening again is to track the weapon back to the gun manufacturer, then burn its factory to the ground.

And we can see what he would do w/ a gun if he had one:
As long as it is legal to make and sell a product whose only function is to kill people,
In the mind of a gun control advocate, ANYTHING is justifiable in order to ban guns.

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Weer'd Beard said...

I carry a gun because there are anti-gun activists out there who want to do violent things to me.

Anonymous said...

My response: do it, punk. Don't depend on your sleazy, drug-addicted readers to do your dirty work. Haul your cowardly ass out of your chair and show what a big man you are by attacking a building full of guns. Frankly, punk, you are too cowardly.

Braden Lynch said...

So, police carry guns whose only purpose is to kill people, never to protect innocent life?

Our military is even worse; they have automatic weapons to really kill all those pesky civilians.

This idiot's little mind lives in a dark and terrible place.

Anonymous said...

Lets see Chicago's had bricks, bats, golf clubs and pieces of lumber used to kill. Where do we stop the burning?

45er said...

If I were a gun manufacturer, I'd sure find a way to defend myself... Oh, wait. Nevermind. Attacking a manufacturer of firearms seems like a self correcting problem as far as justice is concerned.

Chas said...