Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slow and passive

Lots of talk about this whole “Fast and Furious” thingie on the interweb tubes; perhaps you’ve heard about it.

After some digestion, the picture for me is pretty clear. Yes, my conclusion is conjecture, but the circumstantial evidence may very well convince a jury. Let’s have a looksee at the unfolding.

1. Before he was a Senator, the Messiah was a Joyce Foundation board member for 6 years, a vocation which he cleverly labeled as a “community organizer”.
2. As a Senator, the Messiah ain’t exactly friendly to the 2A.
3. The Messiah wins the 2008 presidential election.
4. The Messiah builds his cabinet with the who’s who of gun control.
5. Gun and ammo sales surge beyond record levels………………… America.
6. “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” douche-bag has the Messiah’s ear.
7. Holder, Clinton and the Messiah all regurgitate the 90% meme, along with the douche-bag in Mexico.
8. We learn that the main trafficker was actually an FBI informant buying guns for the Narcos with stimulus money, and would never be subject to prosecution at the end.
9. Obama tells Sarah Brady that he’s working on gun-control “under the radar.”
10. We now know the Eric Holder authorized “Gunwalker” back in 2009.

The current administration has manufactured a crisis in which they could offer a solution through more gun control.

The amount of spin going on only reinforces my conclusions.

“Keep your powder dry” has become a glib phrase which means little simply because it‘s been over used.

Having said that…keep your powder dry.

That’s the first time I’ve ever said that.

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