Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Gaggle of Authorized Journalists

Or "When the Ignorant and Biased Write"

From 'MySanAntonio':
It's nice when the National Rifle Association validates my reading — and low general regard — of its motives and strategies.
No preconceived bias there.
Earlier this week, a Guadalupe County sheriff's deputy discovered a cache of 67 semiautomatic weapons and a bunch of ammo in a small trailer being hauled near Seguin.
Linked to BATFE's Fast & Furious scandal. No mention of that.
Last month, Mexican President Felipe Calderón said 85 percent of the more than 100,000 weapons taken from cartels in the past five years came from the United States.
One of the most corrupt and incompetent Gov'ts in the world trying to distract blame from himself. There's a reliable source.
Any takers among those outraged by the new rule? No? Unfettered gun ownership apparently trumps saving lives.
Nice strawman.

Here's an attempt to try and divide firearm owners from the DallasNews:
several North Texas weapons dealers say they support a new directive that will require them to notify federal authorities of people who make frequent purchases of high-powered weapons.

“The industry is not going to like what I have to say,

Now let them put a sign up in their store stating they support the measure. Let's see how long they stay in business.

More preconceived bias from the Salt Lake Tribune:
Gun-rights extremists will object to the new rule, but their grounds will be weak. The homeowner can hardly argue with a straight face that he needs to purchase more than one rifle in a five-day period for self-defense. Unless you’re trying to arm a firing squad, there’s no sensible argument to be made for bulk purchases.
'Extremists'. 'no sensible argument', 'weak'. Gee, think they're an unbiased source of news?

And finally, from the paper of making up the record, the New York Times:
It is an open and deadly scandal that at least 70 percent of the weapons recovered in Mexico’s bloody drug war originate in the United States
Since the 'fact' that it's 70% of firearms Mexico selectively chooses to send to the US that 'can' be traced, this is either ignorance or lying and they know it.
'Semiautomatic battlefield weapons'
ohhh, scary sounding terminology followed by:
These guns have no legitimate place in civilian life and were banned outright for 10 years until Congress and two successive administrations failed to fight for the ban’s renewal.
Bias and another outright lie.
Gun lobby sycophants in Congress are calling the regulation a smoke screen to distract attention from a gun-tracking operation botched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
'Sycophants'? More like completely accurate as the paper acts as an apologist for this administration no matter what they do. Just like this:
If anything, the ill-conceived operation, which deserves the fullest investigation, is a measure of the firearms bureau’s frustration in dealing with porous American law.
No, it's a measure of a rogue agency showing levels of incompetence that can't be tolerated. But the NYT's certainly has no problems tolerating it, as long as it's not done by a Republican administration.

And they wonder why people are finding other sources to get their news from.

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Chas said...

'Semiautomatic battlefield weapons'

Definition: Semiauto weapons that have never been anywhere near a battlefield.