Wednesday, July 13, 2011

They're Not Even Bothering...

W/ the demise of the FSA, most of the Joyce funded attack websites disappeared. The most famous of those, the 'Gun Guys' went independent but posting became rarer than an anti-gun advocate w/ a clue.

Karlin apparently doesn't even bother checking it much anymore:

Now why is that so important? Let's put it this way. Should the unlikely happen and the NRA or SAF etc. fold, obviously their websites/blogs would shut down as well. There would still, however, be dozens upon dozens of pro-gun sites (blogs, message boards, etc) out there run by activists, bloggers, what have you w/ thousands of readers and members.

The majority of anti-gun activity on the web, on the other hand, is operated and funded by the groups themselves, not advocates or grassroots support. So when the money dries up, so do their attempts at astro-turfing.

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