Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Shot Season 3 Premier on History Channel Aug 9 at 10/9c

Blatant plug for the show* which I enjoy:

SHOW INFO: HISTORY's hit competition show is back with a gauntlet of all new
extreme challenges and eager marksmen ready for a shot at greatness. 16
competitors chosen from across the country vie for the $100,000 prize and
the title of TOP SHOT. A national revolver champion, two homeland security
agents, a former Navy SEAL, firearms instructors, a restaurant owner and a
camp director must demonstrate their skill using the most diverse weapons,
from state-of-the-art firearms to rocks. This season also stars some of the
biggest weapons ever featured on TOP SHOT such as the Gatling and Hotchkiss
Mountain Guns. Colby Donaldson returns as host for the competition that
takes a page from history.

The 14 marksmen and two markswomen were carefully selected from thousands of
applicants to participate in this season of TOP SHOT. The contestants
include a national revolver champion, two homeland security agents (who also
happen to be close friends), a former Navy SEAL, two cops, a nurse and
several firearms instructors. Two of the contestants, a restaurant owner and
Christian camp director, are self-taught.

The shooters will have to display mastery of weapons from all eras of human
history, from the most primitive (rocks) to the most sophisticated tactical
firearms. Contestants will employ some of the biggest munitions ever
featured on TOP SHOT, including the Gatling gun, the Hotchkiss mountain gun
and the CornerShot. In addition, they must endure extreme physical tests to
stay in the game. High-speed HD cameras capture the skillful execution of
each test in extreme slow-motion.

The premiere of season three begins with a gauntlet of extreme challenges.
16 marksmen immediately pair off and duel with one of the world¹s biggest
handguns. Teams are then divided into winners and losers before facing off
in a surprise military challenge. In the elimination challenge, two
competitors get the ride of their life on a horse-drawn stagecoach as they
shoot to stay in the competition.




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*FCC info. The History Channel contacted me and asked me to post about the show. Since I enjoy it anyway, I have no problem doing that. I am also being compensated w/ some HC swag.

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greenmeanie said...

First season was OK. Second was like Big Brother except with guns. I won't watch a third.