Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rep. McCarthy Dancing in Norwegian Blood

Never letting a tragedy go unexploited, Rep Carolyn "Shoulder thing that goes up" McCarthy is trying to use the Norwegian shooting tragedy to push for more firearm restrictions here. How? Allegedly he bought the magazines he used from here because they were cheaper.

Rep. McCarthy is an ignorant twit who will use any and every excuse to try and ban guns even when she has no clue what she's talking about. And she's fully supported by the ignorant twits in the anti-gun lobby.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, McCarthy is ignorant. Unfortunately, there are many more just like her. For example, most journalists in this country are narrow-minded morons. Quite frequently the news media endorses the same nonsense. For example, I read an article on Google describing McCarthy and her BS as if it is gospel. This type of thing is non-stop and distressing.

Chas said...

Carolyn McCarthy is an evil, vindictive harridan who wants to make the rest of the world as miserable as she is.

greenmeanie said...

He "claims" he got the mags from the US. People "claim" a lot of things all the time. Where are the receipts, airbills or other hard evidence?

Also, he calims in his ramblings that he couldn't get weapons or certain supplies in the Czech Republic. What a load of xit! There are a bunch of on line mil-surp dealers in the Czech Republic and, if he wnt there, he obviously didn't look too hard. Black market maybe!!?? Former com-bloc country rife with surplus goodies.

Anonymous said...

Just an excellent opportunity to promote an anti-Second Amendment propaganda campaign. Of course a magazine ban will cure a crazed lunatic. But the point is to outlaw the weapon not cure the underlying problem.

Perhaps Ms. McCarthy's real problem is that she never fully deaalt with the loss of her husband. She, like countless other's with a fixation and obsession concerning gun-control, is delusional. She is in need of psychological counseling and is using gun-control as a scapegoat. She is irrational to say the least.