Monday, July 25, 2011

Chicagoans are Irresponsible

That's the message anti-gun 'columnist' Laura Washington is sending as she laments that Chicago's crime is increasing w/ the heat. She projects her own fears that if CCW is allowed in the city, everyone and their neighbor will begin shooting eachother.

Oh, wait, the criminals are doing that now. As she types from the safety of her apt., she's promoting everyone else be as defenseless as she chooses to be. It's also telling that she refuses to distinguish between those who choose to defend themselves and own firearms for hobbies, etc. and the criminal element that commits the crimes rampant in this gun control haven.

And don't forget the fact she just HAS to play the race card.

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Anonymous said...

Gun-control is NOT about crime reduction. It is about disarming the civilian populace. They do not care if an innocent person is shot. They just do not want anyone firing back. That reduces gunfire and the chances of lives being lost. In their warped mind and ordered world it is the job of police and the system to prosecute the criminal.

Crime reduction and victims' advocate justifications are facades for disarming the American people. Those supporting the U.N. are interested in instilling a police state only. Chicago is rife with the same mentality.

I am ashamed to live in the same state.

greenmeanie said...

I love where she hysterically writes "I once had a roommate who kept a slim, silvery pistol in her lingerie drawer. I never understood why, but that lethal weapon snuggled among her lacies kept me up at night."


LC Scotty said...

"I never understood why, but that lethal weapon snuggled among her lacies kept me up at night.""

It's got me up right now...

45er said...

LC, Bwahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Was she sexually aroused by the gun? I personally would consider such circumstances a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Any have a copy of that questionnaire? I'm really curious how those questions were phrased.

AuricTech said...


Of course, Chicagoans have already demonstrated that they are markedly less rational than most Americans. As evidence of this abnormal irrationality, I present the fact that Chicagoans still turn out in large numbers to support a sports franchise that is in its second century of championship futility.

Perhaps the ill-lustrous Ms. Washington is right in assuming that her fellow Chicagoans are unfit to be considered free citizens, with all the rights that are inherent in that status.


WV trifi: Some gun-grabber who's even worse on human rights than DiFi.