Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Avoiding the Issue (UPDATE)

The news hit that Acting BATFE director Melson testified on July 4th to Issa's congressional committee over 'Fast and Furious' claiming that lots of other agencies are culpable.

So what are groups like the Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center and the rest of the Joyce puppets saying about it?

Absolutely nothing.

Instead they're retweeting alleged incidents and anything else they can think of to avoid talking about the fact that the BATFE deliberately let thousands of firearms be smuggled to Mexico to arm narco-terrorists.

Joyce Foundation funded 'Media Matters' completely avoids the fact that Melson testified regurgitating the predetermined 'forum' headed by anti-gunners.

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1 comment:

Robert Fowler said...

Melson is going to make a deal and end up either a star witness or dead. I'm hoping for star witness. I want to see how high this really goes. It has to go at least to Holder.

I wouldn't be surprised if it went all the way to the Liar in Chief. Why else would he tell Sarah the Queen that they were working on gun control "under the radar"?

Either way, someone is going to prison. It's just a matter of who. I look for Holder to take the fall for Obummer.