Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winning is not enough

I try to keep a light-hearted attitude when dealing with the antis mainly because their idiocy is so blatant that I truly believe their public comments do more good than harm to our cause.

Heller and McDonald have been out for a while now and we still see the collective rights argument. Makes them look like ostriches with their head in the sand. We win, they lose.

Phrases like “Loughner-style assault clips” and “big bullet blasting boxes” make me giggle like a school girl in a rather manly sorta way.

Statements that can be found on the Brady Bunch Facebook page like “all guns should be registered so we know who has guns and anyone who doesn’t register their guns should be fined $1000 for each gun we don’t know that they have” makes me shake my head and then look at the cat litter box and ask myself questions about the legality of sending feces through the U.S. Postal Service. I have a fantasy about gathering up some fresh cat crap and smearing it all over a dollar bill and sending it to the Brady Campaign.

But I have lots of fantasies concerning our adversaries, some of which aren’t even politically correct.

I used to get satisfaction spanking them on the Brady blog, back when they allowed comments. When they enacted “reasoned discourse” I got satisfaction spanking them on HuffPo. I started to recognize a fantastic dynamic that the antis were transforming from a true threat into a form of entertainment. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t maintain vigilance; far from it. But, throughout history, desperation is not exactly known for having beautiful offspring.

Yes, we have many fights ahead of us yet our progress isn’t too shabby even under the most hostile conditions. The Prez is a tactical politician, and he is smart. Yes, he’s surrounded himself with the who’s who of gun control, but we not only continue to spank, we have now created an environment in which they spank themselves.

Winning individual battles here and there is and will be my focus, for sure. But I won’t really be satisfied until Paul Helmke knocks on my door at 3am and begs me to change his diaper because “I'm dirty.”

I should probably stop here.

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