Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ladd Everitt @CSGV Tells Us What He Thinks of 'Rights'

Honk if you've been lectured ad nauseam by a gun rights activist about his "rights" while having your concerns...
We already know that Ladd Everitt considers the 2A to be 'nonsense' and they think Due Process is 'terrible' and 'corrupt'.

The entire idea of rights are contemptible to him. He prefers an absolutist Gov't keeping him 'safe'.

Reminds me of the Clinton Era FBI flyer that stated you might be a terrorist if you referred to the US Constitution:

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Linoge said...

And, by telling us what he thinks of our rights, he has told us what he thinks of us.

Our lives, our families' lives, and our property are not worth anything to him when compared to their fears, and their desires, and their control.

"Despicable" does not quite cover it.

Chas said...

Maybe Ladd fantasizes about rough sex with JBTs. That would explain his or her gushing support of government thugs and corresponding desire to be defenseless.
I don't see his/her view getting much traction. Few men want to be statist submissives. That position is generally regarded with disgust, particularly by Americans, who tend to value freedom as their ideal, not submission.