Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Joyce Puppet Fear Mongering

Recognizing that they need a new catch-phrase to try and make Illinois the last state w/o any form of CCW, the Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership sent out an alert claiming 'mentally ill' individuals will legally carry firearms.

HB 148, a dangerous gun bill that will allow mentally ill individuals to carry concealed, loaded guns in public, will be voted on this week by the Illinois House.

Please call your state Representative today and say VOTE NO on HB 148 - this dangerous bill will put Illinois lives at risk.

To call your Representative, click here.

For more information about HB 148, click here for the ICPGV fact sheet.

Click here to ask your friends, family, and colleagues to take action on this dangerous bill.


Mark Walsh
Director, Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
(773) 209-1002

Their 'fact sheet' regurgitates more Joyce puppet nonsense about CCW causing the end of the world as we know it. They also want 'personal references' and a psych exam. I'm sure the gang bangers will line up to follow those requirements. So who are these measures aimed at? Not criminals.

Call your reps and tell them to support HB148 today.

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1 comment:

alcade said...

If Mr. Walsh would be eligible for a permit under HB 148, then yes, it would indeed allow for the mentally ill to carry a gun.