Monday, May 2, 2011

Lying for 32

Gun Control advocates (specifically the Brady puppet site 'Livingfor32') really don't like it when you call them on their fabrications:
@ that is all that we are trying to do - enforce the current laws. We are not in anyway trying to punish lawful citizens.

@ actually - no we are not. please do not continue to misquote and attribute false statements. You are inaccurate.
They're only trying to enforce current laws? Really? Let's see what their website says:
Now is the time to thank the President for his remarks
and ask him to support the strongest legislation possible
that will significantly reduce the number of deaths
by guns each year. Now is the time to ban assault clips
and close the gun show loophole.

So they want to outlaw my private property and eliminate private sales. In conjunction w/ the Brady Campaign, they also want bans on semi-autos, oppose the lawful carry of firearms, etc. etc.

I admit that I have fun w/ their Tweets. But their own words show that they're the ones making false statements and deliberately being inaccurate about their agenda. They're gun banners using victims, not facts, to push their agenda.

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1 comment:

Chas said...

"We are not in anyway trying to punish lawful citizens."

It's criminals that they're not trying to punish in any way. Lawful citizens are their target.