Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PEG-heads* Distort Facts to Demonize Firearms

Their Tweet:
Conceal-carry licensee kills 4 relatives, dies in shootout
The Truth:
Roberts had a concealed-carry permit from Franklin County that had expired in January, authorities said.
And he was a prohibited person:
he was a burglary suspect and there were warrants for him in the Columbus area. Court records show Roberts, 27, faced felony charges of burglary and receiving stolen property late last year and failed to appear in court.
So nothing to do w/ a CCW license and everything to do w/ him being a criminal. But that wouldn't help their push to ban guns. Now would it?

*Members of 'Protest Easy Guns'.

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elmo iscariot said...

Members of 'Protest Easy Guns'.

Alternately: "The Pegged". ;)