Monday, May 2, 2011

Glass Houses

Josh Sugarmann is giggling like a schoolgirl over the fact the current NRA president's adult son was convicted on a gun charge 9 years ago.
Remember, guns don't attempt to kill people, the sons of NRA Presidents do.
Josh shouldn't throw stones:
March 1 , 2005--The president of the Springfield, IL chapter of the Illinois chapter of the Million Mom March was arrested last week on gun and drug charges...

In January of 2000, one of the organizers of the Washington D.C. chapter shot and paralyzed a man whom she wrongly believed had killed her son. When police searched her home, they found three handguns and a Tec-9 "assault weapon." She received a life sentence on nine charges, including illegal possession of a firearm (guns are, for all intents and purposes, illegal to own in D.C.).

Petty character attacks are all Josh has left when he's not fudging statistics.

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