Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The @CSGV, Ladd Everitt, 'Traitors', and Opinions.

Ladd Everitt at the CSGV likes to call people 'traitors'. In this instance it's when he can't pigeon hole simplistic answers to a complex debate. He attempted to do so to Sebastian SIH by deliberately misconstruing what Sebastian said.
@ No, it's the fact that you think you have the right to determine on your own what "causes" justify violence. That's treason.
Sebastian replied:
@ "It's the fact that you think you have the right to determine on your own what "causes" justify violence." Not what I said.

@ Then please do clarify who decides when it's time to shoot and kill gov't officials and law enforcement officers.
Note they've completely redirected the topic in an attempt to entrap.

So SIH gives his opinion.
@ Too complicated for Twitter Haiku, but it would have to be organized by state or local governments. Unorganized resistance is anarchy.
Well Ladd Everitt glommed onto that like a frat boy to a drunk sorority girl.

Since they couldn't get me to give them a yes or no answer and can't provide evidence of me endorsing violence, they once again returned to the character attacks and insults.
@ They are hardcore insurrectionists who spend a great deal of time trying to justify the use of political violence.

@ @ We just did, b/c you refuse to state that you have no right to engage in political violence against our gov't.

@ @ You're a sad little insurrectionist who embraces violence, the epitome of a traitor to our nation.

@ @ Why don't you have the guts to state what you believe? It's obvious, why not own up to it like Sorrentino?

@ @ Do you have the guts to renounce right to individual political violence? Or are u also a coward & traitor?

So Ladd didn't get the 'hive mind' response he wanted nor simplistic answers he could play the Socratic method on. And then he just made up more nonsense and threw out the insults. Just like he did to Cam Edwards in an e-mail sent to NRA news. I mean really. These are the kinds of taunts a 10yr old might use on the playground.

And his final reply to this post:
@ Thank you for formally documenting that you're an insurrectionist. Handy link to refer back to.
Humpty Dumpty really needs to learn the meanings of words before he uses them. I can't wait for him to put me on their Facebook page so I can get a flood of hits from the gun blogs.

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Linoge said...

I am rather serious about starting a donation drive to purchase poor Ladd a dictionary... The way that man abuses, misappropriates, and dilutes the English language is just atrocious, and it is painfully obvious that he does not comprehend half the words he employs - he just uses them because he knows they are emotionally-charged.

And, me, I would love an opponent who could manage more than just repeating the same tired-and-disproven buzzphrases over and over and over again...

Chas said...

They'd round us up and send us to death camps if they could. "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in."
Ladd Everitt is a national socialist, but don't call him a Nazi because he wouldn't like it. He's still a national socialist, and that has tended to head in some ugly directions in the past, hasn't it? Could very easily do so in the future too, so people like Everitt bear considerable watching. I would like to stay out of the gulag he seems to have in mind for us.

The Captain said...

Er, what happened last time someone called Everitt a Nazi? Did he have an on-the-floor tantrum or something? Can we settle for "brownshirt"? That's a suitable compromise, I hope.

As amusing as Everitt's Twits are, I haven't bothered to read anything of his beyond what's posted here and at other gun blogs. Besides japete, it's quite interesting to note how fast it takes for him to have conniptions about one of your responses. Maybe one day I should congratulate him for having some entertainment value...