Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doing my part

For those who have followed my posts, you know that I buy at least 2 guns every year. I buy one in May for my birthday and one near July 4th for the Nation’s Birthday. I also have a nasty habit of buying guns in addition to these two traditional purchases.

Sitting in front of me is all the gun related crap I’ve purchased so far in 2011:

1. Rossi Ranch Hand gun.
2. The Cricket .22 rifle. Eventually this will belong to my nephew, but for now it’s mine.
3. Two Chinese-style AK-47 drum mags…75 rounds each.
4. Six 30 round AR-15 mags.
5. Two 25 round mags for the 10-22.
6. Two Tri-Care Gun Cloths.
7. One can of Metal Seal Rust Preventative.
8. One can of Barricade rust preventative.
9. 1050 rounds of .22 ammo.
10. One pocket knife and two novelty Freddy Kruger booger hooks.
11. 20 rounds of steel-core 7.62x54 ammo, ya it’s legal in Oregon to buy when you stumble across it.
12. Some assorted specialty ammo for my M6 Scout gun, Rotts, Bolos and Flechettes. As well as some Flaming Blue Devils in .45 Long Colt.

When I say specialty ammo, I mean custom jobs which run 3-4 dollars per round. Not to mention that everything listed was Made in the USA.

Cash for entrance to gun and knife shows is $15 and at least $100 sent to the NRA in addition to my membership dues.

But let’s not forget that we’re pathetic and small. A dying breed according to the Brady Bunch.

“Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

I’m open to suggestions as to the purchases of my “May gun” and my July 4th gun.

Let them wallow in misery; trying to secure funding. I will be keeping to tradition as they continue to epitomize epic failure.

They must change if they wish to advance. eg telling the truth.

We must continue doing what has proven successful in the past. eg telling the truth.

The antis will read that and somehow twist it into a small-dick terrorist whatever and that.

We can defeat them by simply doing what we do regardless of their existence.

Sure………..engage them for entertainment purposes. But never forget that we spank them by simply existing.

Never forget that.

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Dannytheman said...

This is very true!!

You set a great example by doing what many people do. Giving that extra cash to NRA or State gun organizations. The anti's do not give their money, they beg from Joyce and other groups. The NRA makes their money by members, some who scrape for the 25 bucks a year, others who endow all their worldly good to the cause. Add in the 100s of thousand in between.

The passion is not in the fight, it is in the people!!

Anonymous said...

Buy a S&W 627 8 shot for May. For the 4th of July buy an AR-15 type in 7.62.