Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lying sack of crap

Helmke saying the Brady Campaign never pushed for DC or Chicago gun bans???

Seriously folks, he's losing it.

Update: Based on some of the comments, I'm linking to an old post in case people missed it.

Update from Thirdpower: Since they've enabled 'reasoned discourse' and don't allow comments, let's not give them any traffic. Video embedded.

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Thirdpower said...

I guess he forgot the group used to be called Handgun Control Inc.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Oh, so I guess we're supposed to be impressed that he wants to violate our rights because he's a caring law and order Republican.
Fuck him.

Justin said...

I've long held the belief that Helmke is on our side.

Seriously, if you look at the stupid things he says on a continual basis, it's like he's engaged in a long-running performance art piece dedicated to demonstrating the utter stupidity of the anti-rights movement.

We couldn't possibly ask for a better ally at the Brady Campaign.

planB said...

This man is our friend. He sucks up their money and gives them failure in return. For the past twenty years Mr. Helmke has consistently undermined their cause. I hope he continues his tenure.

Linoge said...

Nope, he never supported the DC and Chicago gun bans... that is why he and his organization wrote an amicus brief supporting the DC and Chicago gun bans.

Oh wait...

Chas said...

"...that is why he and his organization wrote an amicus brief supporting the DC and Chicago gun bans."

Exactly what I was going to say. If Helmkoot and the Batty Center had won those suits, they would be proudly pushing total bans on handguns elsewhere now. As is, they've had to resort to lying to backtrack and soften their stance, so that they don't appear to be the radicals they have always been.

Lergnom said...

Five words for comrade Helmke - National Coalition to Ban Handguns

Stay safe