Thursday, April 28, 2011

NRA Annual Meeting Funnies

W/ 65,000 people expected to attend the 2011 NRA Convention in Pittsburg this year (which I am unfortunately unable to attend), the PuSH'ers are going positively apoplectic over it as is typical. They need to try and keep as much attention on themselves as the machine slowly runs over their hopes and dreams.

What they're pinning their hopes on this year is the VPC report that gun ownership is in decline. They REALLY need to believe that and to convince their 'true believers' it's factual as well. Nevermind they haven't had a victory at the federal level in over a decade and even their state level victories are few and far between. Plus Walmart. That's got to sting.

But the real funny comes at their promoting the PEGhead protest on Sat. They're asking people to print out their own fliers to hand out.


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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Dude, Photoshop it into something funny and have NRA members print out thousands and give them to PSHers to hand out.

Hilarity ensues.

RevGreg said...

VOC is wrong, gun ownership is up...specifically when I won the first gun raffled at NRAAM...a Micro Desert Eagle!

Link P said...

RevGreg, if I knew you read DooT, you probably wouldn't have been able to shut me up at dinner.