Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prosecution of Chicago Criminals

With a third (at least, I've been told there's at least one more that didn't receive press) Defensive Gun Use in Chicago in as many weeks, the Chicago Tribune calls for the prosecution of the victims because they used guns. Never mind that O voted that they should be prosecuted as well.

Here's some interesting facts on the dead goblin involved:

He, along with three other men, had been indicted on armed robbery and robbery charges. But they pleaded guilty before Cook County Judge Michael Brown to robbery in exchange for prosecutors dropping the armed robbery charges, records show.

Wonder when we'll hear the outrage from the trib about that.


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45superman said...

Not that this will surprise anyone, but check out this Daley quote:

"He has appeared before the City Council, in Springfield and even in Washington, D.C., dealing with gun prevention," the mayor said.

Not "'gun violence' prevention," or even "'illegal gun' prevention," but "gun prevention."

Melancton Smith said...

I agree with the Tribune on strict enforcement. The kind of enforcement they do now is the type where no one knows whether or not they'll get pinched. This creates a hidden fear.
If a law is on the books, enforce it. In these cases, the outrage generated would go a long way to defeating Daley and others like him.
Daley is up for re-election next February.