Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Real Common-Sense Revenue Generation and Environmentalism

Too many deer destroying the local flora? Some locals think its a better idea to spend countless tax dollars hiring 'professionals' to shoot deer w/ birth control chemicals.

The Commissioners of the Will County Forest Preserve District in Illinois actually thought about the issue instead of falling for tree-hugging nonsense. Open up the Preserve to hunting. What do you get? Population control and revenue.

But of course there's going to be opposition in the form of people who think guns are scary and those who think it's better for animals to starve and the preserve to be destroyed than let them be shot.

Contact information on the board is available here. Let the board know you support opening up hunting in the preserve.

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm amazed at the length hoplophobes will go to indulge their fears.

And I thought it was foolish paying a "Sharpshooter" huge money to kill deer when they could get sportsmen to PAY for the PRIVILEGE of culling the heard themselves.

Now this?

No wonder the cost of living is so high in Liberal Socialist Utopias.

Bummer there are no Science jobs in Maine or New Hampshire....