Friday, June 11, 2010

Brady Bunch Prepping for Loss in McDonald v Chicago

Amidst all the claims that the 'gun lobby' really lost in Heller, the Brady Campaign, just like the Joyce Foundation, is lawyering up, knowing that they're going to have to fight tooth and nail for every one of their 'common-sense, reasonable' gun laws.

They've been reduced to claiming victory because convicted criminals will use any excuse to claim a twinkie defense. You know, the majority of those 'many' cases Helmke brags about the 'gun lobby' 'losing'. But even he knows the fact that those don't matter. It's cases like Heller and McDonald that are shaping the agenda nationwide and even the lower court cases of significance are generally leaning our way.

And, as usual:

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Stick a fork in them.

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Weer'd Beard said...

"The Brady Campaign, We Win, even when we're Loosing!"

What's really great about that video is that it sounds like they're retaining lawyers and planning to fight every court case that comes up the pike.

Perfect, what better way to dry up their funds and force them to dissolve their staff than that?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out?

kaveman said...

Word up weer'd...

One of my favorite quotes...

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Shawn said...

Yes but when will SCOTUS rule? I pretty much expect they will not rule on it until the last day of the session. Meaning they are forced to. Just like with Heller.

I expect it to be THE VERY last thing they rule on for this session.

I also expect some one sentence to screw us over just like with Heller.

Old Jarhead said...

At the rate that the Brady Bots are raking in the money, you know, donations, I suspect they might be able to file in at most 2 cases, if they don't have to send a lawyer. $159 so far. That will keep the light on.


Dixie said...

One thing I keep think about... how much would it take to buy the Brady Campaign?

You know, buy the name, the offices, the contact lists, the whole shebang? Take 'em over, and quietly become the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence... By Promoting Gun Ownership.

Old Jarhead said...

Dixie, I really like the way you think. I suspect they would get more Joyce cash just to stop that from happening, though.

45superman said...

Says Dixie (my emphasis):

You know, buy the name, the offices, the contact lists, the whole shebang?

Funny you should mention that--they recently put their mailing list up for sale, despite their promise not to:

Email List Subscription
The Brady Campaign and the Brady Center use your email address to send you news and alerts that you have requested. When subscribing to this and future email lists, the Brady Campaign or Brady Center will collect and store the personal information that you provide. However, the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center will not sell your name or e-mail address to spammers or share it with unaffiliated groups.

Thirdpower said...

Just like they don't 'really' support gun bans.