Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama Voted for Conviction

There are now two instances of Chicago individuals defending themselves w/ unregistered handguns. We have the 80 yr old vet against a lifelong criminal and now this:

A South Austin resident shot and wounded a man who crashed through the window of his home while fleeing police early this morning, officials say.

As some have noted, charges are, as of now, not being filed against these individuals who are victims of real criminals. Obama, on the other hand, would have these men prosecuted for defending themselves. In 2004, he voted multiple times against the 'Hale Demar Act' that provided an affirmative defense for individuals legitimately defending their homes with firearms regardless of local laws.

The fact remains that even though he's bent to the political wind in DC, his political views are towards 'gun control', no matter the cost to the citizenry.

Interestingly, the act's not been mentioned by the 'authorized journalists' nor the CPD. IMO they're trying to show their benevolence in not pressing charges instead of the fact that they would lose if they tried.

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1 comment:

Matt Groom said...

Are morons like Obama completely unaware that if it's illegal to use a gun to defend yourself, or illegal to defend yourself period, then you cannot injure or wound a criminal? You MUST kill them, and then dispose of the body, lest ye be prosecuted. Kill them and push their rotting corpse down the stairs of your apartment building, or out a window. The more public the place, the harder it is to trace.

If you dump the body in some random place, and don't leave behind photographic evidence or fingerprints that could identify you, then there's no way the body could ever be traced to you. You have no connection to each other. It's some random scumbag who broke into a random home and was killed. I seriously doubt that murders like that would even be investigated by police with any intensity.