Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chicago Apartheid

In an article on how to stay safe in Chicago, there came this little vignette:

"I'd cut through an area under some 'L' tracks to see this girl I dated who lived by Roscoe [Street]," he said. "Guys would be approaching me, and I'm 6-foot-3, bald and intimidating. I'd have to show them my gun."

This was done perfectly legally and after 1982. How you ask. Simple. The individual was Steve Wilcos of Jerry Springer/Steve Wilcos Show fame while he was a police officer for the city.

In other words, a privileged class afforded rights not available to the 'average citizen'. While not based on race as is traditional, it's based on connections and money. You can add Aldermen and the Mayor into this as well.

Who else can rewrite laws allowing them to re-register their firearms or are provided tax-payer funded security armed w/ weapons denied the rest of the population?

It's time for these Orwellian style privileges to end.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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1 comment:

The Warrior said...

Orwellian indeed.

Did you ever see my Obamacare post? I called it all "Amsoc"....