Sunday, June 7, 2015

PFRPG 1st Ed Campaign: The Woods (enter Strongbow)

The GM ran a few sessions to acclimatize new players into the system.  I was not present but what occured was that the group formed and explored a cabin that turned out to be the recently abandoned lair of an evil witch.  Clues were discovered as to the whereabouts. 

The Woods (enter Strongbow)
Following the map discovered in the hut, the party traveled through the northern Timiro woods, on the way enlisting the aid of an Elvish Longbowman to bolster their firepower.  They soon encountered a mad hermit who managed to slip a drug into their food while rambling on about the evil witch they are attempting to locate.  Upon awakening in the morning, they found the desiccated corpse of the hermit, looking as if he’d been dead a hundred years.  The body had a tattoo of a strange and unknown (at least to the party) symbol:
palladium map photo TimiroKingdom.jpg

Palladium Fantasy 1st Ed. Campaign: The Ancient Dread

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