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E.B.S.I.S. O.C.C.: Spetsnaz спецназ

Spetsnaz, the umbrella name for Soviet "Special Purpose Forces" (abbreviation for Войска специального назначения, tr. Voyska spetsialnogo naznacheniya), roughly equivalent to the RDF's Military Specialist or SC's Recon Escort Patrol.  With one of the most grueling training programs in the world, injuries (and even the occasional death), are commonplace among the trainees selected for this elite unit.  Graduates are some of the most versatile soldiers around, seemingly able to absorb pain w/o effect and survive in the most inhospitable conditions.

Depending on their specialty, the E.B.S.I.S. use these troops for sniper teams, intelligence gathering, forward observation,sabotage, hostage recovery or effectively any operation where it would require skills above and beyond a traditional soldier.*  Mecha piloting skills are available to Spetsnaz as the large, powerful vehicles are excellent for 'clearing' campaigns as well as recovery operations of enemy (iow RDF/SC/Zen) mecha. RDF Destroid/SC Battloid piloting/combat can be taken at the cost of two 'other' skills ea. 
*Note: the Infiltration Operative in 'Strike Force' is similar to a Spetsnaz soldier except they are under the Political Office (KGB) while Spetsnaz are under the military (GRU).

S.D.C.: Base 35
Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 10, P.E. 10
O.C.C. Skills:
Intelligence (+ 20%)
Detect Ambush (+10)
Detect Concealment (+10)
W.P. Auto Pistol (Macross & S.C. Era)
W.P. Semi and Fully Automatic Rifle (Macross Era)
W.P. Laser Pistol (S.C. Era)
W.P. Laser Rifle (S.C. Era)
Hand to Hand Martial Arts
Other Skills: Select 18 other skills; at least 4 must be espionage, 2 -
physical, and 2 additional W.P.
Communications: Any
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic Electronics only
Espionage: Any (+ 15%)
Mechanical: Auto or Aircraft Mechanics only
Medical: First Aid or Paramedic only ( + 5%)
Physical: Any (+ 10% on any skill percentages, like prowl)
Pilot: Any (Mecha as noted above)
Pilot Related: Any
Science: Mathematics basic
Technology: Any; including demolitions, + 15% on Demo
W.P.: Any (Macross era: Energy weapons at a cost of 2 'Other' skills)

Standard Equipment (Macross Era): Semi-auto handgun w/ 2 magazines,  AK series rifle rifle w/ 2D6 magazines, 4 camo uniforms, 2 camo caps, boonie cap, helmet, binoculars, flashlight, bayonet style knife, canteen,web gear w/ pouches, back pack.Mecha teams will have a regularly assigned Destroid/Battloid.

 Heavy weapons/explosives,Mecha,  firearms, body armor,various uniforms, and optical/surveillance equipment are often issued upon assignment.  Energy weapons are rarely available.
Standard Equipment (Southern Cross):
Same as above except substitute NM-30 Pulse Rifle for AK series rifle and add E.B.S.I.S. Field Plate Armor.

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