Thursday, June 4, 2015

Palladium Fantasy 1st Ed. Campaign: The Ancient Dread

A fantasy campaign that has been ongoing for some time.  The original group lasted approx. a year before it dissolved.  There was a period of near two years before we were able to find another player to fill out the ranks and the desire to game became overwhelming. The current group has been going for near a year w/ monthly or bi-monthly sessions.

Palladium FRPG 1st ed. is an old school system somewhat comparable to being between AD&D and 2nd Ed. from TSR. It's rules and layout are very rough but it allowed for a greater variety of character races and classes. I've been running/playing it since the late 80's and convert newer world books to the older system.

The character I run is an Elvish Longbowman (bowelf?) and have been running him from the beginning.  Currently 6th level and incredibly deadly at long distances.  He's the 2nd son of one of the last Elven noble houses in the Palladium world, hailing from a March(Marq) in the destitute Land of the South Winds. More character details later.

On to the cast:

Palladium Fantasy: The Ancient Dread Campaign

Strongbow: Elf Longbowman
Echo: Female Human Air/Water Warlock
Frederick: Male Human Priest of Apis
Eddie: Male Human Paladin/Noble
Klyn: Male Human Thief
Rod-Kym-Na: Elven Priestess of Dragonright. 

Mug: Male Orc Fletcher, slave of Strongbow
Alta: Female Elf Sailor, former mate on Virtuous Maiden, companion to Strongbow
Ackdor (Gobbio): Goblin slave of Echo.  Very good looking
Malthes: Human boy. Rescued slave.  Natural Wizard. Attached to Frederick
Adelaide: Female Human. Companion to Klyn.
Roan: Wolfen 1st Mate/MindMage on Virtuous Maiden.
Capt. Macintyre: Captain of the ‘Virtuous Maiden’
Ahn-Sehm: Sentient sword of Eldren.  Bonded to Frederick then Echo
Tauren/Ka-Rhan: Male Gnome Assassin
K’lak:  (Race) Fire Warlock Slaver.  Killed during the “Slaver Battle”
Kraltos: (Race) Witch Slaver. Former owner of Malthes. Killed during ‘Slaver Battle’

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