Friday, November 7, 2014

FOID Failure

So the Anti's are, unsurprisingly, making a push for banning of private sales after their sole win in WA the other day and are using every method of dance they can.  Example is this email from the Brady Bunch:
My name is Kelley Byrdsong and a background check could have saved my father’s life.
Fifteen years ago my father was shot and killed right in front of me by a neo-Nazi criminal who bought two handguns from an unlicensed seller with no background check.
Well as we all know, anti-gun fanatics never tell the whole story.  The POS that did the shooting was a loser by the name of Benjamin Smith.  He DID buy some guns from an 'unlicensed seller' a few days after being denied from an FFL.

Here's the catch (es).

No attempt was made to apprehend Smith after he had attempted to illegally purchase firearms at an FFL (he had a restraining order)

The 'unlicensed seller' , Donald R. Fiessinger, was already under investigation by the ATF who arrested him AFTER he had already sold dozens of firearms, including two to Smith.

The Illinois State Police issued Smith a FOID card (passing a background check) two weeks prior to the shooting because the paperwork for the OOP had a different middle initial.  They revoked it two days AFTER he bought the guns but didn't arrest him for committing a felony by filling out false information on his application.

So failures by the authorities on multiple levels justifies MORE regulations and restrictions to be monitored by the authorities?  Now to me, that doesn't make much sense.

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drjim said...

Just more proof that we didn't need that criminals don't obey the law.