Sunday, November 2, 2014

CSGV: Veterans = Domestic Terrorists

Via GFZ: When one talks about 'LIV's' (low information voters), you can probably add in small, uneducated minds that don't understand hyperbole or nuance.  A company called 'Ranger Up' put out an 'in your face' T-shirt for PTSD awareness.

 Ticking Time Bomb Normal-Fit T-Shirt

The reaction by the Laddites was typical:
Eddie Delisio The domestic terrorist wannabe shirt.
Karl Rines If they put it on…. take away their guns and lock them up in a mental ward immediately.
Linda Lloyd Unbelievable…promoting senseless violence…why?
CSGV's floppy drives are currently burning up from the responses by Vets to this post which, ironically, completely makes the point of the shirt.

They really need to stick w/ subjects they know about. They like to call the NRA/gun owners racist because minorities aren't a majority in their membership while their entire office was lilly-white. I'm pretty sure there are no veterans in their office either.  

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1 comment:

Braden Lynch said...

Not a chance in hell that a veteran works in their office because he would have kicked their behind by now for their antics.

Why can they not recognize hyperbole and sarcasm? The message is so over the top that you would have to be daft to not recognize the message. Oh wait, we are talking about CSGV and their followers. I think daft is too kind a word for their special kind of stupid.