Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day

So, bottle of Pepto in hand, I prepare myself to perform my civic duty.

My choices?

Vote for the Evil Party and maintain the status quo of collapsing economy and a constant attack on my rights and freedoms.

The Stupid Party and see how they can screw it up differently.

The Fifth Column party, this year being funded by the Evil Party to pull votes away from the Stupids.

Or a write in in which I might as well stay home.

I wonder how many times my dead grandma and kitty are going to visit the polls in Chicago? 


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chiefjaybob said...

The enduring aggravation: Do you vote for the turd with the corn in it, or the turd with the peanuts in it?

Anonymous said...

Vote early and often. The Shitcago way.

Anonymous said...

here in NH, we have the options between "hates guns but does little about it" (D) and "hates guns and it excited to do more about it, and every asshole on the planet is lecturing me to vote for him" (R)