Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Even My Dead Kitty Couldn't Save Quinn

So it was a pretty regular 6th year election session w/ the majority party going down hard.  GOP picked up a bunch of House seats and retook the Senate so now we see how they get to screw it up.

In Illinois Quinn went down to Rauner 46-51, considerably more than what the polls were predicting. The only time Quinn held a lead was when the Cook Cnty/Chicago votes started coming in and that went away pretty quickly.  On that topic, Approx half of Quinn's votes came from Chicago which has 25% of the population and that was the ONLY county he won

 Taking Chicago out of the equation, Quinn's numbers drop to 35%, nearly 2-1 in opposition to him.
Currently he's refusing to concede and is busy scouring the cemeteries for a few hundred thousand more votes.  
They exercised their fundamental right to participate in our democracy and they're entitled to make sure that the election in every single single county including Chicago and Cook County count their votes."
So it's pretty clear who he was representing and it wasn't Illinois.  I had several people, long time Democrats all, tell me they couldn't vote for him this time around.  About the only ones of my associates who voted for him were the 'True Believers', those who would vote for the devil before they would vote for anyone w/ an (R) next to their name.

Now we get to see how Madigan and Cullerton keep anything from happening to try and improve the state. 

 The best thing about this though?

No more stupid robocalls or commercials.

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Wolfman said...

Were I in his shoes, I'd take the win- he made it out without an obvious risk of incarceration. That brings Illinois to, what, a 50% incidence of jailbird in the last 10 governors?