Friday, November 7, 2014


More on that meme about x number of 'children' slain by guns.
(16 yr old) Wright was gunned down in an Oct. 23 drive-by shooting near the corner of Fairmont and Princeton avenues.
Horrible, Horrible.  We must ban guns.
 Two black-clad gunmen opened fire at the wake of slain 16-year-old La’Tray Wright Monday afternoon.
Another 16-year-old from the same gang as Wright was charged with his murder, police said. Wright and his alleged killer, Christopher Stamps, were in different factions of the same gang, police said. Hard feelings reportedly developed between the two over unkind Facebook posts and that led to the killing.
Stamps’ home on California Avenue was shot up the day after Wright was slain. Police believe the attack was done in retaliation for the fatal drive-by.
So a bunch of gang-banging teenagers are shooting up the neighborhood over and over.

Honestly think they care about 'background checks', 'safe storage' or any other of the nonsense laws pushed to 'save the children'?

Some photos of him and his buddies flashing gang signs and smoking weed. Other photos showed gang logos, drug use etc. by this 'good boy'

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drjim said...

That's a lot closer to Lockport than Joiliet, but then nobody's ever heard much about Lockport unless they grew up in Joliet like I did...