Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Ways? You Mean New Restrictions Don't You?

When a politician says:
"We need to think in some new ways."
"You have to ferret it out,” Feinstein said. “You have to be able to watch it, and you have to be able to disrupt them."
What they (especially by statist, anti-rights fanatics like Feinstein) are really saying is "How can we get more control over what is allowed to be said and done?"

Think the NSA snooping was bad?  Wait till you need to install gov't approved software and cookies to use the internet. Wait till you start needing Federal level ID's to travel anywhere and provide 'need' when you do so. 

Think I'm exaggerating?  We've already had these same people pushing for Gov't approval of media and 1st Amendment rights.  There's already a push for a national ID. Scare enough LIV's and you'll start seeing calls for internet censorship.  All in the name of 'safety'.

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Anonymous said...

I have done everything I can to not afflict her upon the rest of the States, as a Californian, I'm sorry I failed.