Monday, October 27, 2014

So What Are They Asking For?

Another reason the Brady Bunch are inconsequential nowadays.... they have no defined message.

From their latest attempt at donations:
Schools are supposed to be safe havens for our children. Yet guns from the home pose a continuous threat to our nation’s schools.

Today, 1.7 million children have access to an unlocked, loaded gun in their home. We must spread the word that keeping our schools safe starts at home!
On behalf of my dear son Ben and for the victims of the Marysville shooting, we cannot give up. Together, we have the power to prevent more school shootings and achieve a future where no child is killed by a parent’s gun.
Lots of vagaries but no defined agenda or goal.  This could go anywhere from discouraging ownership to mandatory 'safe storage' to bans in homes w/ children.  Are they just flailing around trying to find something w/o really saying anything or are they just trying to keep the lights on by playing the 'murdered child' card again?


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