Saturday, November 1, 2014

Illinois Crime Culture

The wonder that is Illinois.

While Gov. Quinn and his cronies demand that guns need to be restricted, at the same time he releases violent murders onto the streets to kill again. 
A 48-year-old Pullman man free on parole for a 1993 slaying has been charged with murder again after police found a 53-year-old man stabbed to death Wednesday evening on the Far South Side.
And when the 'good boys and honor students' out getting milk for their grandma at 11pm get ventilated by the police for pointing a gun at them?
NBC Chicago) – Chicago police officers said they had no choice but to shoot a teenager after shots were fired at them late Wednesday, but the victim’s family said it’s a case of mistaken identity.
Tykwon Davis’ family admits the 17-year-old has had some problems — he’d recently been released from juvenile jail — but they’re adamant the boy didn’t point a gun at officers and say his injuries prove that.
So who are the criminals here? 

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