Friday, October 24, 2014

Looters Will Be Shot On Sight

I always love days that cement my faith in humanity.

So, doing the DOOTwear thing at the local mall fleamarket this weekend.  Things are slow but picking up.  Then a bunch of lights go out. A while later a bunch of sirens get closer as the local FD comes to check it out.  Turns out a transformer blew hard starting a small fire.  So maintenance guy does what he's supposed to do and pulls the fire alarm to clear the mall. As I'm gathering the essentials, a group of girls walk out of the RadioShack and I overhear one of them say "WooHoo, time to rack up at Rue21".

Think about that.  This POS's first instinct during a potential emergency/crisis was to go looting. And she's going to vote and breed.

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