Thursday, October 30, 2014

99>7590? Huh?

So the Soros funded 'Moveon and a group called 'Mayday' (hint right there) have a contest to come up w/ a 30sec video decrying the evils of money in politics.  As it turns out, the only 'evil money in politics' is that used on the 'other side' as a group called 'American Commitment' entered a video critisizing a billionaire 'liberal' politician by the name of Tom Steyer.  It received over 7k votes, more than all the other videos combined.

The head of AC foreshadowed what was to happen:
Can't wait for "pro-democracy" celebrity liberals to explain why the people's overwhelming favorite is not the winner.
And he called it.  They chose a 'progressive' issue video (environment) that received 1/75th the number of votes.  Kind of like how Illinois operates.

Some irony from their email:
 We’re a people-powered movement to reduce the corrupting influence of big money on politics.
 (except for Soros, Bloomberg, etc)
After nearly 100 video submissions and 11,000 votes cast,
(one of which received 2/3rds of the vote)
  they emphasized the MAYDAY message of getting big money out of politics.
Certain politics that is.

 So much for 'pro-democracy'.

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1 comment:

Archer said...

Must be that Common Core "new math".

It couldn't possibly be because the "judges" were biased!