Sunday, June 8, 2014

So .@shannonrwatts, Why Did You Have Armed Security?

Shannon Watts, founder of 'Mom's Demand Action' and current Bloomberg puppet, says that defending ones self w/ a firearm has 'never happened'. 

I guess that's why she felt the need for private, armed security at her protest of the NRA convention last month. 


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Anonymous said...

Because paying someone *else* to carry the guns means it isn't 'self-defense' silly.

Someone should push the notion that the poor need taxpayer cash in order to afford armed security details. Not like these a-holes don't salivate when they hear 'subsidies'.

Anonymous said...

Besides that they will take any ones money, why do these armed security companies take jobs from anti-gun people? I would refuse to take the job is I new my client was anti-gun.

Anonymous said...

She's not saying guns are bad, she's just saying they're bad for YOU AND I to have. Once only the "appropriate" people have weapons, it will be much easier for them to bully the rest of us.