Friday, June 13, 2014

Ban on 90% of Guns 'Reasonable'

You really have to love 'reasonable', 'common-sense' solutions from people that have no clue what they're talking about. It's got all the standard uneducated talking points:

NRA hate
Gov't has Nukes and tanks
banning semi-autos is 'reasonable' (but likely can't say what a semi-auto is)
Yelling 'fire' in a theater is against the law so we can ban guns
crime is skyrocketing (no, it isn't)

Then she delves into strawmen like 'you want to get rid of all laws' nonsense.

You know what, let's call this what it is, the arguments of a child.  Seriously, reading this was like dealing w/ 4thpower Bravo when she's feeling petulant.  Acting like she knows what's best for everyone and is an expert on every subject. Arguing just for arguing sake. And she really has no clue on any of it.

And that's what gun control is. The arguments of children thinking their 'parents' (iow the gov't) will feed them, change their diapers, and tuck them in at night after checking for monsters under the bed.

Also seems to be some 'Reasoned Discourse' going on as at least a dozen comments have disappeared and other aren't being shown at all. 

Update: The reality is unsurprising:
She's a limousine liberal who has suddenly become an expert on gun laws because she's watched the news.  Like the majority of her ilk, she doesn't know nor care about things like facts, those kinds of things are just 'petty differences' because 'guns are horrible'.  At the same time she won't go anywhere near places like Englewood or Back of the Yards even though she doesn't 'believe' that people can be good or evil. 

Like I said, she has the mentality of a child.

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Archer said...

"NRA hate": But they'll say NRA are the haters.
"Gov't has Nukes and tanks": Any gov't official or orders Nukes or tanks used on citizens will be ousted and charged with war crimes ... if not shot immediately.
"Banning semi-autos": Nailed it - they can't define "semi-auto"; they don't know what it is/does.
"Yelling 'fire'": Not. Actually. Illegal. Can't say that enough. If there's a fire, you damn well should be making noise about it. Not illegal, but not protected by 1A, either; you're liable for damages/injuries/deaths caused if there's no fire.

And they only wish crime was skyrocketing, so they could have more blood to dance in.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... and they breed too...

Weer'd Beard said...

And another for the checklist. There was an alleged "Veiled Threat" and comments are closed!

Thirdpower said...

Yeah the 'veiled threat' was by Kurt Hoffman saying he wouldn't recommend someone coming for his guns. So she threatened to file a police report.

I replied that that she was now asking for people w/ 'semi-auto guns', the same ones she claimed 'noone needs' to protect her.

In reality, she started getting asked to answer hard questions and prove her suppositions so she had to run away.

Anonymous said...

The "Yelling fire" is an especially stupid argument. I have every capability to falsely yell fire in any theater I go in. The issue is that I will get my rights stripped from me AFTER I do something wrong, not before.

The theater does not sew my mouth shut or remove my vocal chords before I enter the theater.

For that same reason the gov can't strip me of my gun rights UNTIL I do something unlawful with it.