Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Made Up Numbers From Mom's Demand Action

While there's always some dispute over attendance numbers at rallies, making up amounts so ridiculous that they're easily refuted does nothing to help your cause.  From MDA-IL: (Note MDA only shows closeups and small groups)
On June 13, Moms Demand Action joined more than a thousand people for a huge Peace March calling for a safe summer in Chicago.
Wow, those are some good numbers.  Too bad they're complete BS, even according to the anti-gun Chicago Sun-Times:
Some 200 people turned out Friday night for St. Sabina’s annual end-of-the-school-year peace march, joined by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a host of other dignitaries.
A video of the crowd shows about 200 people.

So multiplying numbers by 5 seems to be the default for MDA right now. If we multiplied the IGOLD numbers by that, we would claim over 15,000-25,000 attendees.

If they have so much support, why the need to lie?

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Anonymous said...

Shooting at a sports bar , but it was for a high school reunion. Will Mom's luney media machine claim this is a "School shooting" also?