Saturday, June 14, 2014

How Many More Laws Rahm-bo?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual is supporting yet another Chicago based 'anti-violence' (read: Anti-gun) group built on the corpse of 15yr old girl shot last year.
"Three-quarters to 80 percent of the guns taken off the streets are coming from outside the city: Downstate, Indiana, Wisconsin," he said.
A useless statistic as Chicago has NO gun shops or gun shows where people can legally buy firearms.

Now let's look at the background of the shooting:
Police say Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20, opened fire on Pendleton and a group of friends last month in retaliation for a shooting last year in which Williams had been injured. 
 Ward was the shooter.  So how many laws did he break even before the shooting?  No FOID, carrying a loaded handgun, illegal purchase by someone under 21. Both were gang members. And more:
The reputed gang member accused of gunning down 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton last month was on the street even though he had been arrested three times in connection with break-ins and trespassing while on probation for a weapons conviction in recent months, the Tribune has learned.
 Yep, skippy was on 'probation' for countless other petty crimes AND possession of a loaded firearm ALREADY.

THIS is the kind of sh!tbag committing most of the crimes.  Long histories of crime that the courts are doing little to nothing about, letting them run around the city committing even more crimes of which they have about a 15-20% chance of being caught at.

But yeah, MORE laws that won't be enforced would have made him think twice. Sure.

Oh, and the exec director of this 'new' group?  A former Joyce Foundation exec.  So w/ all their chatter on the 'youth' jobs etc, we know where 90% of their efforts are going to be focused on. 

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Anonymous said...

The laws they want only effect the law abiding. You can bet your last buck that, they will aggressively seek out and enforce these laws on the law abiding, while leaving the criminals alone. This will increase the list of prohibited persons. IMO