Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stupid Computer: Avast 2014

Right after I got back from Xmas, my main laptop started giving me issues, locking up after about 10 min. and requiring a restart.  I ran virus scan after virus scan.  No joy.  I cleaned it out, defragged, the works.  Nothing.  It would work in 'Safe' mode but that was it.  A month and a half it sat there, w/ me occasionally trying to figure it out. 

The whole time my netbook worked just fine.  Until yesterday.  Then it started locking up too.  Crap.  Both 'puters down would be bad, bad juju.  Virus scans came back the same. Negative issues.  So I started trying to figure out what I had done. The ONLY change I had made was updating Avast it's latest engine/version.  I broke out the Google-Fu.  Turns out several features in Avast 2014 are totally hosed and.... cause your computer to lock up every 10 min or so.  Disabling Avast (I have other anti-virus) and the computer seems to be working. 

Now this isn't some minor issue.  This is a glaring screw up, one that should have been caught had they even tried it on a separate computer.  I've had good luck w/ Avast the last few years but it's going to stay off until the get it unscrewed.  I bet I'm not the only one.

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Sailorcurt said...

I use AVG free. Works great and I haven't had a virus in years. I even use it on my Android devices and Imac.


Anonymous said...

I concur, I've used AVG products for years, they're excellent.

But I'd download it straight from the manufacturer's site (Grisoft), not a third party one:


Sigivald said...

MS Security Essentials is all I ever use.

Crustyrusty said...


Billll said...

Same problem and a number of others are reporting it. Upgrade Avast and it goes into permanent reboot mode. Computer starts in safe mode only.

I replaced Avast even though I really like it. I'll wait until they report a fix.

Similar issues with Firefox. The longer you leave your computer on, the more CPU it seems to need. Mine was up to starting at 90% and moving to 100% within 15 minutes.

Switched to Chrome until I hear it's been fixed.

hazmat said...

I use Trend Micro on a recommendation from an IT guy at work. Found stuff on my wife's computer Norton and MacAfee didn't. You can get a 30 day free trial to check it out.

Sailorcurt said...

This may come across as defensive and petty, but it's not intended to...it's intended to provide information to someone who may not understand.

Anonymous: Please note that the url I provided goes to the same domain as yours (avg.com), the only difference is the subdomain.

They both go to AVG's official web site, mine just takes you directly to the page for the free version of AVG whereas yours takes them to the AVG homepage and they have to make several clicks to navigate to the same page I linked in order to download the free version.

I didn't send them to a third party site, I just gave a shortcut directly to what they need.

Don F said...

You get what you pay for...Kaspersky is the best.