Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Streisand Effect:

What does a company do when someone publicly complains about receiving a substandard product?

Why sue the person, forum and forum owner where it was posted for slander/libel

Tell me how well that works out for you, eh TR? 

h/t to FTF.

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1 comment:

Sigivald said...

I wonder if they actually consulted with a lawyer first, and if the lawyer is half competent.

Because if the complaints about their rifles can in any vaguely-plausible way be defended with facts that can be shown in court, they'll never get slander to stick.

They've totally Streisanded themselves.

(You'd think people would have learned by now that "making good with your product" turns a bad review into a good one with extra kudos for good customer service, while anything remotely like a threat turns into a giant negative !@!#$storm...)