Friday, February 21, 2014

Defending 'Tactical Rifles Inc'.... Badly

The verbal wrangling regarding the lawsuit over a negative product review continues. Some of the defenders are not helping their case.  Example.  The accusation was made that 'SnipersHide' forum deleted the TR account and any 'positive' comments under threat of a ban.

Here's 'SnipersHide's response:
1. We did not delete David’s account, he never made one. Deleting an account does not block it, if he truly was prevented from speaking we would have banned the account. That ban would still exist. Deleting removes any blocks the site employs through the software. By David saying he had an account and it was deleted is one of those hard to prove things… however it does not pass the sniff test and I have yet to see David respond on any other forum to negative comments about his rifles.
Meanwhile David just emailed me the screenshots of his “invalid username” login on your website.
Hmm. Having an 'invalid username' means an account was deleted?

Here's the screenshot of my attempt to login:
I don't and have never had an account at SH.  Could an account have been deleted?  Sure, but an 'invalid username' screen isn't evidence of that.

But so far TR doesn't seem to have any real evidence that's been presented publicly nor, w/ the fact their lawsuit doesn't even seem to have been researched, doesn't do them any good from a PR standpoint.

Oh, and this:
we should have stood up for Dick Metcalf because his anti-gun employer and the guy who took his editor’s position threw him under the bus and the polly wants a cracker “bloggers” vilified him for something he probably only wrote half of and certainly didn’t select the title for.
'Probably only wrote half of'?  Really?  Evidence?

Howabout the FACT that he started repeating the same BS in every anti-gun rag across the US after his @ss got canned? 

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Weer'd Beard said...

Yep bullshit!

I've been a member of a lot of forums.

Don't bother with them now.

Many of the Forums my user name is "Weerd Beard" or "WeerBeard"

Because my preferred name "Weer'd Beard" is invalid because of either the space or the apostrophe.

Every one of those accounts I got a similar message, and no I nor any other "Weer'd Beard" was banned blocked, or deleted.

The only rational explanation is their products are shit with a high profit margin (if you don't do it right, it doesn't cost as much!) and they would like to keep that golden goose laying.

Weer'd Beard said...

Oh and Metcalf doesn't even stand behind what this guy is saying.

Dick has gone to every anti-gun outlet that will have him and doubled-down on what he said, and added a little stink to the 2nd Amendment community for good measure.

Metcalf got what he deserved. I can understand why some may have had some doubt.

Dick removed all doubt.

Quirel said...

So... is that "this" hyperlink supposed to lead somewhere? I get the feeling that context may make it look even more stupid.

I'd love to see if he tried to justify calling Metcalf's old magazine "his anti-gun employer".

Thirdpower said...

"This" fixed.

Quirel said...

Thank you kindly.

Unknown said...

Tactical Rifles Inc rifle for sale! It's brand new, has no warranty, and I believe needs work but according to TR it is working as it should!

Unknown said...

Their work speaks for itself.