Tuesday, February 18, 2014

IL state Rep 110th Dist. Candidate Highlight: Darrell Cox

DOOT has sent out a 2A related questionnaire to candidates for this district.  Primary is 3/18.  Response from Coles Cnty Sheriff Darrell Cox:

Which, if any, pro-firearm groups do you belong to? (NRA, ISRA, SAF, etc).
 Life member of NRA, member of ISRA, and member GSL 

 Are you a hunter? Target shooter? Collector?
 I hunt upland birds, I am an NRA Conventional Bullseye competitor, I hold qualification cards for both indoor and outdoor, and yes I collect Colt firearms.

 If you’re willing to divulge, what is your favorite firearm in your collection or what is your ‘dream’ gun that you really want to own?
 I own a Winchester 1897 that is new in the box. 

 Will you be attending IGOLD this year?

 Illinois recently passed a concealed carry bill under duress from the courts. How do you feel about the arguments used by both sides during debates and/or the entire process it took to get the law passed?

Lets not forget IL has concealed carry because a federal judge ordered it. Citizens have a God given right of self protection, it's not "allowed " by government. 

What do you think of the bill itself?
 I believe it is too costly and too prohibitive. 

 What would you change in it?
 I would reduce the cost to obtain a permit, Illinois should recognize other state permit holders, and concealed carry should only be restricted in places where it is prohibited by federal law. 

What is your opinion on semi-auto firearms often labeled as ‘assault weapons’? Magazine capacity limits?
 Semi auto firearms/magazines are no more of a menace than any other firearm, it's the person using it. 

Would you support a youth safety program such as the NRA’s Eddie Eagle to be presented in more Illinois schools?
Yes, absolutely.

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