Saturday, February 22, 2014

CSGV is Jealous...

...that they don't have any membership to take advantage of a VISA membership program like the NRA has.

They managed to get a dozen people to show up for a 'protest' at the VISA offices. (comments disabled on the video of course). to drop off a 'petition' w/ 5,100 signatures.

I'm sorry but I bet Visa makes exponentially more than that each month from NRA members using the card.

A dozen protesters?  There were groups larger than that showing up at the show today.

Here's the link to apply for the card.  I wonder how many new applications they will get due to Ladd Everitt and his band of merry nitwits.

And to show you just how dense these people are:
And one of the two 'Likes':

Yes, the 'liked' the claim that one of their supporters were going to be financially irresponsible and attempt to steal money from a cc company by not paying their bill.


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Dannytheman said...

I applied yesterday due to this story. Also, sent along a message to VISA marketing to review my other VISA card for all the gun related purchases in my past.

I don't need another credit card, and every time I do this it is a ding on my credit score. BUT sacrifices must be made occasionally for the better good.

I am lucky that I have no credit card debt, as I pay off all purchases before the bill is due. BUT if we can get 5000 NRA members to apply for this credit card we would send a bigger message.

Have a great NRA day!

Sigivald said...

Well, if Ms. Owen isn't just posturing, I guess she'll just be self-defeatingly damaging her own credit.

Oh, and "not paying her debts" is doubtless the most moral of all high grounds - especially since not paying it just racks up interest, and they'll send it to collections.

God, the sheer entitlement of these people; at least a half-rational protestor would say "I'm getting a MasterCard and switching my balance over"...

Anonymous said...

And Visa could care less is Lucinda paid her credit card bill. Visa doesn't issue cards, banks and credit unions do. Visa makes their money from the merchants and banks when she uses the card, not when she pays her bill. She's just showing her ignorance on the subject.