Sunday, January 12, 2014

Telling Words

A 'journalist', one of those who crapped themselves over Illinois passing CCW,  not only applies DOOT's Law but clearly shows the mentality of PuSH'ers:
What makes one person feel safe makes another feel in danger.
So now we live with guns in the purses and pockets of regular people. We'll see.
It's 'regular people' that make them afraid.  Even the title of the article gives more away as to the fear this person holds "Can common sense win out over fantasy of gunplay?"    

To Mary Schmich, 'regular people' are just itching to start shooting up places and act as heroes.  This is a common view held by anti-gun fanatics and she makes it clear why that view is held.  

They're afraid.  

They're afraid of 'regular people'.

We'll certain 'regular people' that should be.  The ones who's opinions that are different from theirs.

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Patrick Henry, the 2nd said...

They are also afraid of themselves- because they think they couldn't handle it, so how could any body else?

Tierlieb said...

Naaa, you got that wrong. They are not afraid of themselves. They do not consider themselves "regular people".

Firehand said...

I don't really know if she thinks that, or if she just thinks the 'regular people' cannot be competent to carry for SD.

Either way, not exactly complimentary.