Saturday, January 11, 2014

OGREs & Trolls

Ever since OGRE DE arrived, the 4thpowers have been begging me to teach them how to play.  Today, w/ much fanfare, I broke out my old 'Deluxe Edition' box and started giving instruction, starting w/ reading the classic intro story.  After going through the rules and some basic tactics the game started.  It got intense quick, at least to them:

Classic intro game w/ a Mk III and original pieces.  4PBravo (girl) played a howitzer heavy defense.  It took some prompting for her to use her pieces aggressively, she kept wanting to move them out of harms way.  4PAlpha (boy) got focused on taking out infantry (which is admittedly fun) allowing the defenders to pummel his treads.  He got stopped about 2/3rds of the way. 

Second round they switched.  4P Alpha chose a bit more well rounded force and focused on destroying the OGRE's weapons which actually saved him in the end.  Again Bravo played more of an avoidance roll, skirting the edges of the map and dodging his slow moving Missile tanks. That, combined w/ much bad rolling by Alpha, got her to within two spaces of the CP but w/o anything other than AP guns left.

Both of them used their missiles on the first things within range and neither picked more than one Hvy.
A few more rounds and we'll up it to a Mk V and some rounds against the old man.  Then we'll try out some GEV scenarios. 

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Overload in Colorado said...

I believe the 2 OGRE Mk III missiles are too fragile to not use early. Otherwise they'll get destroyed just as quickly as the main gun seems to.

drjim said...

Great way to get the kids thinking about things!