Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Movie Review: White House Down

Holy Social Engineering Batman!!!!!

Take a completely un-plausible plot combined w/ mediocre action sequences and acting.  Throw in a hefty dollop of comments on the 'Military-Industrial Complex', US involvement in the Middle East, and all the antagonists being war-loving, racist, 'right-wing extremists' who hate the gov't (and Apple computers), and you've got an overall waste of two hours of your life.

That is all.

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Joel said...

All true, and even so it's worlds better than "Olympus has Fallen" which follows the same premise but tries to take it seriously. The heroes in that one were so obnoxious I was about half rooting for the terrorists.

John said...

I thought Olympus has Fallen wasn't bad. Haven't seen White House Down as I didn't care for the casting.

Yes, the speaker of the House was an odious woman. The pres in OHF was about the polar opposite of BHO.

Oh yeah, FBHO.